Tonbori-Wasshoi ’09


We participated in the art event called Tonbori-Wasshoi ’09(とんぼりワッショイ) on May 3.
In this event, we exhibited SAZAMEKI, a media art which allows you to hear various ambient sounds as you put blocks associated with a sound onto a table.
You can see the photostream on my gallery.

Our conceptual goal is to give an opportunity to realize that ambient sounds we’re hearing everyday and everywhere actually consist of many of sounds.
Although one of sound is clear and much comprehensible, if once they combined with many of them like noises and ambient sounds, we have no idea to recognize from where the sound has come respectively.


SAZAMEKI is a sound generating system, which has a tangible interface for the interactive arrangement of sounds and has headphones allowing users to hear the result.
There are some blocks drawn a picture which indicates a sound what it plays, e.g., car, bldng, train, dog and so on.
You can put them onto the table, then SAZAMEKI starts to play sound by sensing them from camera under the table.
We used FLARToolKit to recognize what kind of block is being on the table.

We created with following members:

Thank you very much for enjoying our installation.
And also I’d like to thank members for joining this project! 😉



Digital crafts(man|dog). Love photography. Always making otherwise sleeping. born in 1984.


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