How do I remove installed Perl modules?

CPAN Faqから消えててWeb Archiveから掘り出した。

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w

use ExtUtils::Packlist;
use ExtUtils::Installed;

$ARGV[0] or die "Usage: $0 Module::Namen";

my $mod = $ARGV[0]; 
my $inst = ExtUtils::Installed->new();

foreach my $item (sort($inst->files($mod))) {
     print "removing $itemn";
     unlink $item;

my $packfile = $inst->packlist($mod)->packlist_file();
print "removing $packfilen";
     unlink $packfile;


$perl ./ モジュール名


Hip-hop club

I went to the hip-hop club in all night.
I had ever been to a hip-hop club, so I was a little looking forward to that.
My friend recently became a club freak, or so they say.
Surely when the music has started playing, she went to be psychedelic.
Oh everyone started dance and got crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
I felt there is a free.
I had a quite groovy nite..
Then I found a nice artist called Olive Oil from Oil Works.
He plays very mellow sound but grooveful. I like it.



I’m not sure what the correct color is…











today’s me

Recently I’m thinking, thinking things which needless to think tardily is so wasteful.
I’ve been thinking too much and had trusted that it’ll be able to see an answer one day.
Then what is the things needless to think?
I tend to look back on my past acts..
I figured out that’s so wasteful! The importants are JUST NOW.
Everything’s gonna be fine. 😉

The proposals for analysing mutual communication during multi hosts

We’ve considered what we’re going to do on the lecture of project practice in my graduate school.
The members are the M1 students all in our lab.
The title of this practice we thought is “The proposals for analysing mutual communication during multi hosts.”
I felt developping a distributed network application is very complicated, and it’s difficult to debug and look into communication during each nodes in time line.
Then I supposed it’ll be good to make a tool that is able to analyze easily and to show that graphically.
But today, we presented to our professor, many nick points has been pointed out.
There are lacks to consifering more detailed.
And we didn’t think what is the difficulty about to solve this issue.
It’ll be not become a good reseaching though we just made that tool..It is required more spreadable possibility in it and be for general-purpose.
But we could introduce this idea to the professor, that’s ok.
We will consider more in detail and make a design of this tool by two weeks, yeah.