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Cocoa/UIKit frameworks don’t load different resources on remote server based on user’s preferred language.
This class allows you to have URLs localizable.

Localizable URL

First, you prepare multiple files for each language and their filename are like following:

  • cat-en.png
  • cat-ja.png
  • cat-zh.png

A localizable URL for those files would be:


As you can see above, the URL has two-letters language code(ISO 639-1) which is gonna be replaced on run-time. You include languages in the URL which resource is available. First one is used as default.
If a user prefers Japanese language, you will get URL resolved:


If a user prefers other language that is not included in the available languages, English will be used.
It can also use with XCode style file tree:



It’s same as NSURL.

NSURL* url = [NSLocalizableURL URLWithString:@"http://github.com/foo/bar/cat-{en,ja,zh}.png"];


MIT License