Purchased MacBook Pro

I finally determined to purchase the MacBook Pro!
‘Cuz my main PC has been broken 2 months ago because of its end of life. lol
It was for about 6 years since I’ve made this PC..yes, this is a handmade PC.
Maybe its motherboard has died.

Recently I’m using MacBook Air that is lent me by our Lab.
So I’m now Maccer (Everyone calls those who loves using Macintosh ‘Maccer.’)
And my private information is being in this PC.
I’m afraid to leak these information.

I customized a keyboard of MacBook Pro to US keyboard.
It will be delivered in 10 days.
I’m very looking forward to it!!!

I will use it for drawing images and recording musics.
Of course I also use it for making applications..such as web app, native app and so on.



Digital crafts(man|dog). Love photography. Always making otherwise sleeping. born in 1984.



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